Sunday, January 31, 2010

Germination Update

Today marks 1 week since Optimus Prime and I planted our first round of seedlings. As of today, 48 of the 72 seeds have germinated. I don't think you can see them all, but here they are:

These little peas are my favorites:

I still don't have many herb sprouts - none of the parsley, coriander, or dill have germinated, and only 1 oregano seed has sprouted. Fortunately 5 out of 6 basil seeds have germinated - I love making fresh pesto, but store bought basil is just too expensive! I'll give the rest of the seeds one more week before I replace them with something else. Those seed packets were a year old, and I didn't have any luck with the seeds by direct sowing last year. So, we'll just wait and see.

That does it for me tonight. I'm already beat, and I still have to repot my rosemary plant and wish on a star that somehow this will save her! :-)


Erin said...

Wonderful germination! I don't have nearly as many yet, but half of my stuff is flowers this time, and some of the germination says up to 25 days, so we wait!

noel said...

taking a comment from your previous post, that was a blogtastic post, i like that i think i will use this term again....this reminds me i need to get outside and plant my veggies too! :)