Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So what are you growing, anyway?

Once or twice a week I actually find myself with enough time to take a REAL lunch break (you know - where you actually leave your desk and sit down to eat something more healthy and substantial than Cup O Noodles?) and without a doubt one of my (un)lucky coworkers will ask what I've been up to lately. I'll grin with a slight glimmer in my eye, and immediately they know they initiated a conversation with the wrong person. Before long, they'll feign interest out of politeness for my excitement and before they can stop it, The Dreaded Question will fall from their lips: "So what are you growing, anyway?" Well, I'm glad you asked!

Here are the seeds I currently have in my possession. Hopefully they'll all make it into some sort of planting medium before next Christmas.

- "Pompeii" Roma Sauce Tomato
- "Garden Candy" Tricolor Cherry Tomatoes
- "Celebrity" Bush Tomato
- "Sweet Greens and Reds" Farmers Market Lettuce Blend
- "Green Fortune" Baby Pak Choi
- "Garden Babies Butterhead" Container Lettuce

- "Jade, Gold, and Emerald" Tricolor Zucchini
- "Summer Scallop Trio" Tricolor Pattypan Squash
- "Galia, Earlidew, and Solid Gold" Three Flavor Melons
- "Garden Oasis" Mediterranean Cucumber
- "Lemon Cucumbers" Heirloom Cucumbers

- "Green, Yellow, and Purple" Tricolor Pole Beans
- "Crimson, Gold, and Orange" Jewel-Toned Bell Peppers
- "King Midas" Long Sweet Carrots

Just a few quick notes.. Yes, the tricolor pole bean package is open. My 6 year old son wanted to see if the seeds were green, yellow, and purple. In case you were wondering, no they are not. Although each seed type is different, so I'll be able to ensure planting the same number of each. And don't you just love Renee's Garden packaging? I adore each of the watercolor paintings. I ordered these from No Thyme Productions via Amazon. I'm a Prime member, so I usually only order things that get me free shipping, but that seed selection was rather limited. No Thyme Productions charged a flat rate of $4.95 and shipped my seeds in a bubble envelope - plus, they arrived MUCH sooner than expected. No, this isn't a paid endorsement. Neither Amazon nor No Thyme have ever heard of me and wouldn't notice if I slipped into a black hole.

I also have some seed left over from last year. I'll save you images of the wrinkly packets, but here's the list:

- "Little Marvel" Pea
- "French Breakfast" Radish
- "Tomatillo" Tomatillo (no fancy name?)
- Coriander
- Oregano
- Chives
- Rosemary
- Parsley
- "Summerlong" Basil

Until tomorrow!


Annie's Granny said...

Those are some gorgeous seed packages! I always order my seeds from a company that charges a flat $2, because I'm cheap that way, but I could probably talk myself into buying the pretty ones. Next year. I'm overwhelmed with seeds already this year.

Welcome to garden blog land, by the way ;-)

Caffeinated Mom said...

My first visitor! Thanks for stopping by, Granny! :-)

Where do you order that only charges $2? I thought I was getting a steal at $4.95... I'm "frugal" too and hate to spend a dime if I don't have to!

Annie's Granny said...

I purchase from Ed Hume Seeds

They have seed racks all over our area, and also a nice online store with speedy service. I've never had any problems with their seeds in the 20 or so years I've used them. My other favorite place, excellent customer service and $1.99 shipping (plus all seed pkgs. are $1.29) is Ohio Heirloom Seeds Plain white packets, not a huge selection, but good seeds!

Erin said...

Great art, I am a sucker for those envelopes, too! I love looking through all my heirloom catalogs after the kiddos go to bed, sippin' my wine and dreaming of warmer days!