Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Here we are - two days after I started my first seeds indoors, and what a crazy, hectic day it has been.

Today was One of Those Days. You know - the days where no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to accomplish anything? See, The Child Formerly Known as Optimus Prime stayed at school for the after-care program this afternoon, which he L-O-V-E loves and insists on being the last child to leave. So I thought I'd take advantage of an hour or so of "free time". As soon as I got home, I dashed through the door, threw on my uniform (read: yoga pants and sweatshirt. Totally hot, right?), and tossed some ingredients in the bread machine so we'd have a nice warm loaf for dinner and sandwiches tomorrow. With my additional extra time, I'd planned on spending 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill - I have a goal of at least 3 miles a day and had fallen short the last two days. As I walked to the treadmill and strapped on my mp3 player, I received an unfortunate message stating that I needed to resynchronize the player with the account on my PC. No big deal - it would take 5 minutes. I'd just have to walk a little faster, maybe even jog a bit.

Let me take this moment to clarify something - I am NOT a runner (although I enjoy a very active lifestyle). In a perfect world, I'd like to be. It seems so cool to wax poetic about the joy of good running shoes on hard concrete or the inevitable runner's high. But let's face it - running hurts my shins and makes me whine like a little girl. But I was short on time. And I had 3 miles ahead of me. I'd suck it up.

So after I plugged in my MP3 player and as I was waiting for it to charge my stomach started growling. I peeked in the fridge for a quick something to throw in my mouth. Pepperoni. How healthful. At this moment I was actually thinking about how I'd get a stomach ache from the handful of preserved meat I frantically threw in my mouth, and how we'd all laugh when I blogged later about the unfortunate events that followed that fateful snack. But things never got that far.

After my tango with the fridge, I turned to check the status on my mp3 player. Still no good. So, being the time-frugal person I am, I used the next few seconds to check on my bread. I had to make sure we were getting a nice tacky loaf and that no additional flour or moisture was needed. Of course, I forgot that my mp3 player was strapped to my arm. And my computer. The realization hit, though, when I heard the crash. After recovering from the shock, I checked everything out and fortunately there was no damage.. but still. no. synchronization. Forget about the free time. May as well run to school to pick up my little dude. I could hit the treadmill when I got home...

Yeah right. My return home was quickly followed by a phone call to tech support who, eventually, solved my mp3 player problem. (Perhaps I'm a baby because I can't work out in silence?) By then, though, it was time to cook dinner. *sigh* Maybe I'll just do some situps while I watch American Idol. It's not my 3 miles, but at least it's something.

Oh yeah. Garden blog.. right. See, The Waiting ... is the hardest part. When it comes to waiting for me to get to the point and also when it comes to waiting for seeds to sprout. This morning I peaked in on my bed of babies to see how they were doing and to give them a little more water. Even though I knew I shouldn't expect sprouts so soon, I was still a little disappointed to see nothing and began to worry that I had done something wrong. This evening, I checked on them again, and this is what I saw:

What.. you don't see that? What about this?

No? This?

It's baby Baby Pak Choi! And baby Basil!! Yay!! So at least the first step wasn't a total bust.. I still have plenty of time to screw things up, though. :-)

And with that, I'd better get to bed. Getting up early to hit the treadmill so there's a slightly smaller chance of something getting in my way.


Thomas said...

The first sprouts are always the most exciting. :) I can't wait to get started on my spring sowings this weekend. You're getting me pumped!

Erin said...

Yay, me too, me too! I didn't expect a thing after a day and a half, but my son was checking things out last night and says "Mommy, seeds are sprouting"... WHAT?? Ooooh excitement, doesn't matter how many times I do this, it's exciting stuff, lol. So it's Mizuno Oriental Greens (just a few), and Greek Basil. Congrats to us, apparently we didn't accidentally substitute bleach for water or coffee grounds for soil! You never know what the brain cells might do with little ones running around commanding your full attention ALWAYS, lol. I hear ya on the treadmill. My hubby is a runner but it just kills my shins and evidence shows walking fast is just as good so why bother running?! I too try and do 3 miles on our treadmill, but this week I am officially "taking off" because I knew I would be spring cleaning. This way I won't feel guilty..... it's not working!

Annie's Granny said...

I see them!! Congrats on your new little babies! Take good care of them ;-)