Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day! Night!

And am I celebrating this day of amorous romance right! I spent the afternoon giving in to the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. My loving husband didn't mind one bit that I shrugged off a list of chores and errands at least 18 items long simply to indulge in hours of luxurious gluttony. Afterwards, I stumbled into the gym at 5:00pm for my 4:30 class. Embarrassed by the pillow lines still on my cheeks, I crept into the gym, furtively tiptoed by my class, and went straight to the elliptical machine, where I proceeded to skulk, head lowered and cheeks blushing, for the next hour. Sure, I didn't get to Zumba, but the three hour nap was certainly worth it. ;-)

Tomorrow is repotting day - I am rested and ready, but I'm not sure how my plants will do, as they're predicting more snow. Fortunately everything will be going into containers, so I can bring them inside if the weather man is actually right (again) and we get that predicted 1-2 inches.

Until tomorrow, my friends - sleep tight!

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