Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Overdue

Yes, last week I really did dedicate an entire post to the fact that I took a nap. Is that evidence that my life lacks excitement? Please accept my sincerest apologies.

A few more things:

1) It's probably at the top of the list of Blogger Don'ts: Don't promise a post - especially by a certain date - because things (like Thing Number 2) will always get in the way.

2) It has been ridiculously, uncharacteristically cold around here. Just to give you an idea, our electric bill for 1/15/09 - 2/15/09 was $130. The electric bill for last month (1/15/10 - 2/15/10) was $330. I think our usual highs for this time of year are in the 50's.. Our recent high has been hanging around the 20's. Which brings me to Thing Number 3.

3) I attempted to do some potting last weekend. I did get some potting mix into a few pots, but then the temperature dropped like "it's hot" only it was cold. Very cold. And then I ran inside, shut the door, and never looked back. Until today. And this is what I had waiting for me:

The porch:

Almost lost this one to the wind:

The Ingredients:

4) I do not suggest chugging a large iced coffee right before inverting yourself over flower pots for the 2 hours following said chugging. I only have two words for you: acid reflux. Ugh.

5) I am significantly lacking in self control. I went to Home Depot today just to pick up a few more containers and a trellis. I couldn't resist the enticingly lush plants that were all ready for a new home. The selection was surprisingly good, but I dug deep and limited myself to 1 9-pack of romaine lettuce and 2 9-packs of buttercrunch lettuce. I can't promise I won't go back for more..

6) Everything has a home, so far:




Everything in it's temporary spot on the very messy patio:

7) The peas are the only seedlings I've repotted so far. The roots were matted at the bottom of the seedling tray, so I had to rip them apart to get them out. I don't have high hopes - the pea transplants will probably be dead in the morning. But that's okay - I have more seeds and I'll know better next year!

One pot of peas:

And the other:

7) I found a surprise in the garden bed today. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Or maybe the next day, or the day after that. Definitely before Christmas. I promise.

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Erin said...

LOL! You are preaching to the choir about "exercising restraint" when it comes to plants, pots, seeds, or anything of that nature - we are your enablers! We all need an intervention... "oh, just a few..." :) I need to get started today on starting my next flat of seeds, I have been sort of hibernating from the cold too!