Monday, March 22, 2010

Eternal Spotless of a Sunshine Mind

a big thanks to everyone who stopped by and left comments over the last few days. I really appreciate them and will respond soon - promise!

...pretty much sums up my state of being right now. It's been another non-stop whirlwind of activity around here, which really should come as no surprise.. I'm worn out and I am seriously doubting my ability to recite the alphabet. "A..B..C..Zzzzzzzzzz". Some days I wonder if I take on too much, then look around and see that I still have piles of clean laundry (AT LEAST THEY'RE CLEAN!!) on my dining room table that need to be folded and put away, floors that need to be swept and vacuumed, a bathroom that needs to be recaulked... and admit that the only moment of sanity I've experienced for the last few weeks was in realizing that perhaps I'm spread just a little too thin. But you know, that seems to be the theme for moms with families and jobs and priorities similar to mine. Some day we'll rest but today is not that day!

As I said, this weekend was a hectic one, and I even made some progress in the garden. I started 60 (!!!!) tomato seeds and 12 sweet pepper seeds. Because my flat holds 72. And hopefully maybe they all won't germinate. I don't have containers, or soil, or cages for any of them yet (THIS THOUGHT ACTUALLY KEPT ME AWAKE LAST NIGHT).. but there's still time!

It's been two days since I sowed the seeds and I don't have any seedlings peaking through the soil yet, but I did see one little pepper seed that wasn't completely covered by soil and it was definitely waking up. How exciting!! Hopefully it won't be long before all those little boogers are up and growing and begging for a permanent home so they don't have to grow up to become vagrant tomatoes. I can just see them all gathered around a fire.. in a parking lot.. with fingerless gloves.. I need some sleep.

Outside, everything is growing. It looks like most of the seeds I planted two weeks ago have sprouted, with the exception of carrots and herbs... and I'm beginning to give up on herbs. They seem to be so easy for most people to grow.. but I'm not most people. I was really hoping for a big bunch of basil this year, so in one last Hail Mary attempt at something, I threw all my remaining basil seed into the pot that held my basil transplants before they gave up the ghost. Cross your fingers for me! Also, my cilantro is turning purple and not looking so great. Any suggestions?

Oh, and when I said "outside, everything is growing" I really meant it. EVERYTHING is growing - even things I wasn't expecting. In last year's bed that is supposed to be for squash ONLY this year (could someone please forward the memo to the rest of the vegetables?) I now have dozens of last year's lettuce blend seedlings emerging. And more french breakfast radishes. And chives. Nothing went to seed - I just didn't have a clue what I was doing and probably planted some things at the wrong time. Well, now it's the right time.. So, SURPRISE! Makes me think there might be something to Winter Sowing. I'll definitely have to do some more research.

It's time for this eternally spotty, dreaming-of-sunshine, weary head to hit the hay.. Otherwise, there's no telling what kind of trouble it could get me into on a night like tonight. That Baker Creek Heirloom catalogue is very appealing...


And Sow My Garden Grows said...

I love this post! Totally understand the whirlwind activity and laundry in waiting. I have been saying the same thing "at least it's clean" HA! What types of tomatoes are you growing? I have planting at least 60 as well. I'll be finding other homes for most of course. I too understand the herb thing. It's funny but most seem to do so well with growing them and I fail each year. Basil is a must (especially with our tomatoes) As far as winter sowing. Check out Pretty cool and with prepaid postage you can get some free seeds!

Erin said...

Wow, you pretty much summed it up! I know I am getting things done around here, it just doesn't seem like it when I can only spend 15 minutes on any given task at a time, lol! Herbs are a pain to grow, even indoors on a heat mat some take over 30 days! My basil sprouted in less than a day so that was nice, but all the rest are taking their sweet old time. As far as your vagrant tomatoes go, I will have some homeless ones as well, they can join your homeless ones around a burning trashcan to keep warm, lol! Life has been so hectic around here that my blogging is suffering too, maybe today I will get a post up??!!!

Linda said...

I understand completely...just finished cleaning piles of papers off half the kitchen table, good project for a rainy day. Starting seeds in on my afternoon list, just getting them ready and should really be doing that rather than living vicariously through everyone's blogs!

I grow lots of herbs (since I'm an herbalist who owns an herb store I should be able to do that but sometimes I wonder). Never heard of cilantro turning purple, maybe check they are getting enough fertilization. I do find herbs easy to grow, but they definitely have their own needs and preferences. I can't imagine the garden without basil, and it is worth the wait for the seedlings to grow I think. And good luck with the tomatoes, can't even imagine 60 plants!

Sylvana said...

I almost always feel that way. It really makes you feel ALIVE!

You have peppers sprouting in two days? I better check mine. Maybe I have something too.

You could probably still start the squash in those beds. You will probably have all those self-starters harvested before the squash gets pushy anyway.

Caffeinated Mom said...

Thanks for all the comments, girls. It is so good to know I'm not the only one who feels so overwhelmed!!

And Sow - I will check out tonight. Thanks for the link!

Erin - I'm jealous to hear about your basil! I think I'm going to look for some plants to transplant this weekend. My seeds just aren't loving me!

Linda - I think the cilantro was turning purple due to too much rain. We finally had some dry days and they've got their color back!

Sylvana - After two days, my peppers seeds were starting to "uncurl". It took about a week for legit sprouts to finally peak through, but now they're about 2 inches tall. I hope yours have sprouted by now!