Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a quick update..

I'm sitting here, watching the SNOW fall, wishing it would stop so I could hurry up and plant more seeds already! Did I mention it's MARCH!?! And I live in GEORGIA!?! This year's weather has just been crazy, but I guess it could be worse - I could live in Antarctica.. or Northern Virginia. Same thing. ;-)

Unfortunately I don't have much of an update today. My transplanted pea seedlings aren't dead yet, so I guess that's a good thing! I prepared some seed mats over the weekend and my son is still trying to figure out why I am going to "plant" toilet paper. At what age can I expect him to understand "biodegradable"?

Hopefully this weather will clear up soon so I can get on with my gardening plans and give some real updates. I can't wait to tell you about The Sterilite Experiment, but that will just have to wait.

For now, I'm going to sidle up to a piece of freshly baked bread topped with meyer lemon marmalade. It's tough, but this will just have to do for now!

And only because I simply can't leave you without it, here's some of my ridiculously awful photography (and I use the term loosely):


And Sow My Garden Grows said...

I'm with you on the weather - only thankfully we have no snow - just lots of rain. My seedlings are doing just fine too - nothing to report there. Your bread and meyer lemon marmalade looks fabulous. I just posted a post on lemons too - funny. Good minds think alike!

Erin said...

SNOW-ugh! It will be over NOW... I am commanding it to be so...we woke up to it this morning. I'm planting toilet paper too, lol! That bread looks divine, and Sterilite Experiment? Oh, I love experiments, I just wish mine turned out better... can't wait to hear about it!

Kimberly said...

Your bread looks scrumptious...nothing like homemade!

Annie's Granny said...


That looks so good, and I want some, but I can't have any, because I'm home, where my bathroom scale is, and I stood on it this morning, and I'm eating light and healthy for a few days. Or weeks.

And the verification word is "sivation", which sounds awfully close to "starvation".

Caffeinated Mom said...

And Sow - I'm glad to hear your seedlings are doing well. I get so frustrated this time of year when it seems like everything is slow growing. I want to enjoy my spring veggies NOW!! :-D Checking out your lemon post - how lucky you are to have access to all those lemon trees. ALMOST makes me want to move out west.

Erin - You have got to be more tired of the snow than me! Compared to Virginia, we've had nothing but a dusting. Hopefully this is the end of it? And as for The Sterilite Experiment.. no promises as to how it will turn out... I'm only promising to report on it. :-)

Kimberly - To be honest, I've made better white bread before.. for some reason this loaf was rather dry.. but that hasn't stopped us from eating it!

Granny - Weren't we all happier before the invention of the bathroom scale? Sometimes I wonder if we'd be better off without it. Don't worry too much - before long you'll be munching on all those healthy homegrown veggies. I have to say - you get the funniest verification words. I think that program must be able to read your mind!