Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leprechaun Mischief

Two days ago my son came home from school, insistent on making a leprechaun trap. "Leprechaun Traps" are new to me, so I consulted my most trusty resource for learning the unknown - Google. I found out that when one sets a leprechaun trap, mischief and candy will no doubt follow. So, I pulled out an empty oat can and Caleb and I quickly got to work on making the trap, complete with Lucky Charms as bait:

Caleb went to bed shortly after, excited to capture his first leprechaun. He awoke the next morning to find a letter written on a paper shamrock, from Lucky the Leprechaun, instructing him to dress for school then to check the trap. After getting ready for school, Caleb opened his door to find a trail of paper shamrocks and gold-wrapped candy leading down the stairs, through the kitchen, all the way to the table where the trap had been set.

Caleb looked around - the house was in disarray. All of the kitchen cabinets and drawers were open; cookie cutters (100 of them!!!) had been strewn about; toilet paper was hanging from the chandalier; all of the chairs were facing backwards; there was even a half-played game of Connect Four on the table. As I went about my morning routine, I reached into the refrigerator to prepare our lunches and found a jug of GREEN MILK!

Beside the trap, there lay a pile of Lucky Charms crumbs. The cover of the trap had been removed and a stuffed dog was peering down inside. Caleb was quick to peek inside, where he found another pile of candy, a stack of shamrock sugar cookies the leprechaun had baked just for him, and a letter from Lucky informing him that he didn't outsmart him this year, but to try again next year. Lucky really enjoyed the Lucky Charms and all the fun he had at Caleb's house, and left him a bit of treasure in return.

At first, Caleb was confused. Then distraught. Within seconds, he broke down into tearful hysterics completely distressed because he had not caught a leprechaun. It took me 20 minutes to calm him down and then I had to hurry him to the bus. TOTAL PARENTING WIN.

Caleb seems to be fine now, and I think he understands that Leprechauns like to play games. I don't think I need to start saving up for his therapy just yet..

For some mysterious reason, all the labels are missing from my veggie containers out in the garden. I have no idea where the lettuce is. Or the bok choy. Or the buttercrunch. It must have been the leprechaun, because there is no way I could have forgetten to label my plants..


And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Very cute and great ideas! What a sneaky little leprechaun ;)

Erin said...

How fun! My kids came home talking about the leprechauns that were in school that day (apparently tipping chairs over, etc while they were at lunch)! That night before I went to bed, I peeked in their room to check on them, and found they had made "traps" in their room and had tipped over their chairs and dumped their laundry bin out... they must have had fun!