Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Around The Garden

Here's a quick tour of my pathetic "garden".. Hopefully things will start looking better soon!!

My romaine is regrowing after the vicious bunny attack:

And so is the buttercrunch:

My tomato and pepper seedlings have been repotted. They still need to grow a bit before I plant them in their 5 gallon containers, but I'm gradually hardening them off now:

And now for a glance at the sad, sad sterilite garden. All of these veggies were either transplanted or planted from seed SIX weeks ago. Slow growth - such agony..

Here are the herbs that remain after the bunny attack.. just some parsley.

The onions and radishes are looking okay:


I swear there are carrots growing in here, although I'm concerned that if they actually become real carrots, they won't have much room to grow. It seems that my "soil" has compacted a bit, and perhaps some has eroded through the holes in the bottom, because there are now about 3 inches of headspace where there used to be only one. Next year - if I do this again next year - I'll fill the containers and water a few times before planting.

The buttercrunch transplants (that I started myself) are finally doing something:

And look! Basil seedlings! Although, again, it has taken 6 weeks for them to get this big:

Some pak choi and lettuce seedlings (direct sown):

The pak choi tranplants are growing a bit, but they don't look very healthy to me:

The cucumber plant I purchased two weeks ago is doing pretty well. There are currently 8 cukes-in-progress and it looks like I may have more soon, however it looks like something is enjoying nibbling on the leaves:

The cherry tomato plant I purchased at the same time is doing well also. Currently, there are about 20 little green orbs that just can't ripen fast enough!!

And lastly, my most recent garden purchase. My husband and I had to run to home depot to pick up a new faucet for the kitchen sink. I couldn't leave there with out this new addition - a jalopeno plant. I rationalized it because previously I only had sweet pepper plants. My poor husband is certainly beginning to realize I have an addiction. I wonder how long it will take him to ship me off to rehab.


Erin said...

Now I have Amy Winehouse wailing "Rehab" in my head, thanks for that, LOL! It looks FINE girl! Peppers are so darn slow, your lettuce looks GREAT, and your tomatoes will be great... rabbits be damned, you are still going to have the makings of delicious salads! (Something ate my edamame sprouts and I am singing the "it's gonna be okay" mantra today, can you tell?) Although I am tempted to borrow my son's bb gun and get all camo'ed up and spend the night in the garden LOL!

Annie's Granny said...

Your rabbit chewed lettuce looks exactly like my bird chewed lettuce. They will be just fine.

The jalapeno....take my advise and don't give it any fertilizer, and only water it when it gets dry. Otherwise you could end up with the sweetest of sweet peppers, with not a bit of heat. Been there, done that. They sure were good, but I had to buy hot ones from the store to make my hot pepper jelly and salsa!

HA! My verification word is hotheat!

Caffeinated Mom said...

Erin - You bring the camo and I'll bring the guns. Tomorrow we'll feast on rabbit stew!

Granny - Thanks for the tips! I let it go one day without watering and it toppled right over! Once I get it into it's permanent home I will water sparsely. Of course, if my jalopenos aren't spicy and I can't use them for salsa, they'd still make the perfect vehicle for cream cheese, provided they're wrapped in bacon and broiled, of course. ;-) Hmmm.... on second thought, perhaps I'll douse them with fish fertilizer every day!

Robin said...

Your lettuce is doing quite well since your bunny episode!

I agree with Granny regarding the pepper plant. Peppers do need to dry out in between waterings. I learned this last year from a greenhouse grower and have had great success!

Keep on gardening :)