Saturday, April 10, 2010

Instant Gratification - For Shame!

Today's mission was simple: Run to the hardware store to pick up some small pots for my tomatoes and peppers. Just pots. Maybe some soil. That's it.

But you know me better than that....

I made it in and out of Home Depot successfully. They didn't have what I needed, and so I was able to ignore the rows and rows and rows of beautiful vegetable plants begging for a place in my yard.

It was Pike's Nursery that did me in. I tried my best to utilize every ounce of tunnel vision I could muster, but when the clerk had to get what I needed out of storage, the bounty surrounding me won over. All at once, I was consumed by dozens of herbs - full grown basil and rosemary and lemon grass and lavender... Then there were aisles full of tomatoes and peppers in quite surprising varieties (they had heirlooms!!). They even had an enormous display full of Meyer Lemon Trees and Navel Orange Trees - I could have brought home a whole orchard. Somehow I mustered the strength to push my cart past all these temptations, and the blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry plants just screaming to bear luscious fruit in my backyard.

And then I saw these, dripping with fruit and blossoms, and I was a gonner:

Just an ordinary cucumber plant and an ordinary cherry tomato plant. But the promise of fresh cukes and tomatoes on my plate in just a few weeks was all it took to get me to hand over my credit card - at fourteen bucks a pop.

It was instant gratification, and now I'm slightly ashamed by my lack of patience and will power...


Annie's Granny said...

No willpower, huh? I know the feeling. Last year, after I struggled with growing my own tomato seedlings (and it IS work, what with all the planting, potting, watering and hardening off) I went to my local nursery and they were selling heirlooms for $1.29 a six pack! I told myself I'd never start another tomato much for that!

Erin said...

I think they know a gardener when they see one and purposely "need to get things from storage in the back" full well knowing left to our own devices we will make the day's sales, LOL! Crack, I tell you!

Ribbit said...

That's not terrible! That's fantastic. You'll take the cake with early harvests.

Sylvana said...

That's why I try to never grocery shop hungry. But how do you "fill up" before going garden shopping?
It might do you well to send someone else to do the shopping :)

Enjoy the cukes and tomatoes. I bet they will taste all the better for being oh-so-wrong for the season.