Saturday, May 15, 2010

At this moment, I'm snuggled up on the couch with my favorite little boy, enjoying Saturday morning cartoons before heading out for a day-long trip. The taste of summer is still on my lips, soon to be replaced by my morning coffee.

I wanted to share pictures of the garden's progress this morning, but my computer is not cooperating. If I could have posted them, you would have seen pictures of my sprawling cherry tomato plant - covered in dozens of tiny green orbs - and even a few red ones. As I was taking their picture, one of the tomatoes volunteered itself for a taste test when it rolled right off the plant into my palm. It was my first taste of the Summer of 2010, and it was delicious. You would have also seen my tomato and pepper "seedling" jungle. Yesterday I hit the motherload when I called a local nursery to see if they had any extra 5 gallon pots laying around. They did - and I could help myself to all I wanted for $0.75 a pop. What a steal! I used all the self control I could muster and left with only 30. But I know where to get more if I need them! Tomorrow I hope to repot most (if not all) of the tomatoes and peppers.

Also, you would have seen pictures of my lovely Mother's Day presents. Mother Nature herself provided me with a wonderful bouquet of flowers (from bolted bok choi, but I'm trying to be a glass-half-full kinda girl). My husband and son surprised me with a trip to another local nursery to pick out whatever I wanted, which was a bit overwhelming, but we eventually made some good decisions. I'll save more details from that surprise for another post.

I also had pictures of my lettuces. The local birds have discovered a taste for romaine, but they don't tend to care for mesclun or buttercrunch, so hopefully I'll have one more harvest in the near future!

And then there's the squash bed, that is brimming with vines. I'll save more details on that for another post as well. Things are looking good!!

The next few weeks are going to be very busy, as school winds down, work is more stressful than ever, and my family prepares to leave for a much needed vacation. Posts might be a little thin, but I'm sure I'm not the only one overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle that comes along with spring..

As a side note, my computer completely crashed and I had to reload a new version of Windows (Vista). When I plug in my SD card, nothing happens... and it isn't listed under the My Computer section. Do any of you computer experts know how I can access my photos?

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Annie's Granny said...

Didn't your camera come with a USB cord? If so, you can plug it in, turn on your camera, and access your photos that way. I want to see pictures! I want to see that tomato juice drippin' down your chin, girl!