Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nothing To See Here (Part 1)

It's no wonder my neighbors (and spouse) question my sanity. After seeing me gardening in my pajamas and gnoshing on strawberry shortcake for breakfast I can't say I blame them.

At least the pajamas are cute (so what if the closest flip flops to my back door don't match them?):

And the strawberry shortcake? I'm a terrible photographer, but hopefully it can speak for itself:

A few things I saw in the garden this morning:

See this nibbled leaf?

Guess what? I'm not worried about it. The entire cucumber plant used to be down to 4 or 5 of these nibbled leaves (and nothing else). But in an act of despiration, I sprinkled the remains of the plant with BT powder. It was a Hail Mary, at best, because I wasn't sure what was taking such delight in this sorry looking plant.. But look at the plant now, after two applications:

There's a cucumber! And little girl cucumber flowers! Production from this plant might not be over yet! I guess I'll have to find something else for Garden Blogger Death Day - shouldn't be too difficult.

About 10 days ago, I finally planted my cucumber seeds. I planted a few Lemon Cucumbers, because I've never had them and curiousity got the best of me. I also planted a few Mediterranean Cucumbers as well. They have all sprouted and are about 2 inches high now. I'm hoping they'll grow quickly, as I was late to plant them. I'd really like to put up a few jars of pickles this year.

I'm not sure if I ever told you about my Mother's Day gift.. My husband and son took me to a local nursery to pick out any plant of my choice. It was a tough decision, but I ended up choosing blueberry bushes. We left with two - my first ever. Then things took an interesting turn. My wonderful husband, who has always tolerated my gardening, but never really took an interest in it, TOOK AN INTEREST IN IT!! A few days after Mother's Day, we made another trip back to the nursery because he wanted to pick up 2 more blueberry bushes. And with that, he caught our little "bug". Now he's the one filled with excitement in watching little seeds turn into food on our plates. And he's talking about garden expansion - pinch me!

Here are our blueberry bushes. When we purchased them, they were covered in blueberries:

While we were in Florida, the birds had quite a picnic on our berries as they ripened. We quickly realized that bird netting was necessary. Now that it's up, the birds have been kind enough share our blueberries with us. We've harvested a few ounces, but I think the birds got the best of the berries this year. We will definitely be better prepared for next year.

I have a lot more to update you on - tomatoes, peppers, and squash especially - but I think I'll split it up into two posts.. Check back later for more!


Annie's Granny said...

Doesn't everybody garden in their pajamas and slippers? Your flip flops beat the heck out of my fuzzy, cuddly slippers. Those suckers really get sloppy wet in the garden.

Strawberry shortcake. I hate you. My strawberries are not performing well this year, at least so far. The plants and leaves are huge, the berries are tiny and almost non-existent. Somehow, raspberry shortcake just doesn't cut it.

Caffeinated Mom said...

Oooh! Fuzzy slippers do sounds comfey!!

Don't be too jealous of my strawberries - I bought them at the grocery store. They weren't bad - but definitely improved by fresh whipped cream!

Ribbit said...

Yeah, but your toes are painted. That's more style than my neighbors get to see of me in the morning!

We love our blueberry bushes in pots, but learned real fast this year about netting. It was our first harvest in six years and well worth it.

Erin said...

Oh, people are so DUMB! Don't they understand the latest fashions? I have been seen lately stuffing my feet into my 7 year olds flip flops with my jammies, and today went to the beach with 2 different color flip flops on because my dog took one to the garden and I can't find it! If you don't garden in your jammies, you aren't a real gardener in my book!

Robin said...

I just read a Erin's post...she had a picture of her feet too. Maybe we should all show pics of our garden feet :) It may not be such a pretty sight though.

It's nice to hear that your husband is getting excited about the garden. That netting will be well worth it!

Caffeinated Mom said...

Ribbit: Painted, yes - but also chipped.. I'm not quite sure which is more stylish.. chipped polish or no polish. Either way, my toes aren't winning any awards!

Erin: If I would have known that, I would have stopped worrying about harvests and just concentrated on wearing pajamas more often!

Robin: I agree!! We showed you ours - now show us yours!!