Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Mystery is History!

Remember those unidentified green orbs I told you about last week? Here they are again, in case you don't remember:

Well, my curiousity got the best of me tonight. When I was picking squash for tonight's dinner, I plucked one of the green orbs off the plant for dissection:

Here is the orb:

Here is what was inside:

And just to be certain, I searched Google Images, where I confirmed that I do indeed have a fruiting.....


Which is completely amazing, because I only transplanted one tomatillo plant, and it is clear across the garden. There were some other seed cells I had attempted to start tomatillos in, but they never germinated so I haphazardly tossed the leftover soil into the garden ben one night, in a fit of hopelessness... Oh - I see what happened!

Regardless, tomatillos must really love my Georgia soil and climate, because that plant had no babying and has completely outgrown all my well-cared-for tomatoes. It's a good thing my husband loves salsa verde, because it looks like tomatillos will be a staple in our garden from here on out!


Erin said...

LOL I totally forgot about tomatillos! I thought ground cherry because the husk looks like that but those little shrubby things dont get more than a couple of inches tall!

Ribbit said...

Fantastic! So much better than just being a weed. ;)

Linda said...

Love tomatillos, how much fun to have it just pop up in the garden. They make a wonderful salsa. I didn't put any in the garden this year, and miss them. But only so much space and so much time..