Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Few Things I've Decided

1) I've been away for far too long.

2) Nothing is producing in this unrelenting heat - even me (I won't mention that I'm still wearing pajamas, but at least I have showered today..). He is the only one who knows how to beat the heat:

3) My blueberry bushes appear to be goners. I'm not sure what is wrong with them, but the leaves are turning red from the tips in, then shriveling up and falling off. It doesn't look good:

4) I have a mystery plant. According to my highly technical method of tracking what I planted (a free-hand graph doodled on the back of an envelope), it's supposed to be a melon. But I've never seen a melon PLANT (not vine) grow straight upwards - it's now about 2 feet tall. The flowers resemble tomatillo flowers, and they turn into green orbs that feel like they're hollow (see below). I can't imagine I mis-seeded a tomatillo, though, because I planted those months earlier in pots. Here are some photos of the mystery plant:

5) It won't be long before I get to try my first patty pan squashes. I just need to decide how to prepare them. There are 2 or 3 about this size:

6) There is no reason for anyone to own a magnifying mirror. And I most certainly do not recommend that you peer into one, especially just weeks before a mile-stone birthday.

7) Don't trust home hair color that promises to leave your hair blonde instead of red. It will, undoubtedly, leave it red.

Wallowing in admittedly ridiculous first-world self pity,
The Caffeinated Mom


Ribbit said...

My blueberries did the same thing. I was wondering if it was shock virus. It looked similar. The man here says they just baked themselves to death in their pots. We'll see what happens next year.

Erin said...

I have that happening on one of my blackberry bushes too. Interesting mystery plant, one of the leaves looks like a pepper leaf! The flower definitely looks like a tomato/eggplant family bloom, and I have never seen a melon grow upwards either without being trained that way! Will be interesting to see what that develops in to!!

Annie's Granny said...

1) Yes, you have.
2) Stupid Blogger gives me an error on the video. Stupid Blogger.
3) Ouch!
4) Hmmmm. I haven't a clue.
5) They're so pretty, but I've never grown, cooked nor eaten them.
6) I found out years ago, either lay on your back while peering into a mirror, or avoid them all together. For Pete's sake, NEVER look DOWN into a mirror.
7) Could be worse. I've done purple.

We love you, even if you are, full of self-pity.

Caffeinated Mom said...

Ribbit - I'm glad it's not just my blueberries! Hopefully they'll straighten themselves out by next year.

Erin - They have be dumbfounded! This afternoon I noticed there are about a dozen of those seemingly hollow green orbs. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Granny - Still trying to figure out a better way to post videos. Blogger certainly isn't very user friendly. Lie on my back to look into a mirror? Should make make-up application more interesting (and hopefully less depressing)!!